Sailor Mercy

Small Batched With Love 


Elderberry Syrup

The elderberry has long been used for its immune boosting properties due to its tremendous amounts of:




-vitamin a

-vitamin c

-vitamin b-6



- niacin








-and more

 Not only is it great for our immune system, the elderberry is also known to support digestion, seasonal discomforts, and the upper respiratory system, help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, as well as encourage healthy skin...and so much more!! *


No preservatives or thickeners

Paired with other powerful organic tools from nature:  




-ginger root

-fresh oranges

-pure lemon

and finished with raw MN honey

...(all also known to be incredible for maintaining wellness) makes Sailor Mercy an incredible boost of natural wellness that everyone should have in their homes and incorporate into their daily routines. *

Never from concentrate

Sailor Mercy is always small batched with love using only the highest quality ingredients

~ Bottles and Kits will last 1 year unopened if stored in a cool, dark place ~


~ Shake bottles well and refrigerate after opening--use within 3 months ~


~ For daily maintenance: ages 1-6 years take 1 tsp. daily, 7-12 years take 2 tsp. daily ~

and 13+ take 1 tbsp. daily


~ Intensive use: ages 1-6 years take 1 tsp. three times daily, 7-12 years take 2 tsp. three times daily ~

and 13+ take 1 tbsp. three times daily.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.